From Erin’s Emerald Isle Volume 1 – Dewey Owens


Fifteen ancient Irish airs of medium difficulty

Table of Contents: 

Key of F or D Minor:

  1. Aileen-a-Roon
  2. Farewell!
  3. But Whenever You Welcome the Hour
  4. I Would Not Give My Irish Wife (D Minor)
  5. It Chanced When I Was Walking
  6. Jackson’s Morning Brush
  7. The Gentle Maiden
  8. The Rakes of Mallow
  9. This Rock That Overhangs the Foam

Key of A minor

  1. Carolan’s Farewell to Music
  2. Down by the Sally Gardens

Key of G

  1. Bright Red Is the Sun
  2. The Coolin (G Major and D Major)
  3. The Hornless Cow
  4. The Little Swallow
  5. The Wild Geese

Intermediate lever Harp

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