The Ashdown Bundle


The Bundle:

The Ashdown Harp Bundle includes a Pilgrim Ashdown Lever Harp in Ash or Mahogany wood, high quality carry case, 27cm legs (which screw onto the feet of the harp to enable the player to sit on a chair to play), rubber feet (which screw on instead of the legs to enable player to sit on a lower seat to play), matching tuning key and holster to attach it to your harp, electronic tuner and tuner pick-up. Plus delivery to mainland UK (Normally £95). This is everything that you need to get playing straight away!

The Harp

Designed in 1993, was born out of the increasing use of harps in traditional Celtic music. This lighter-strung lever harp is ideal for playing fast, delicate ornamentation in Irish music, or as an accompanying instrument to the voice – for which its bright, silky resonance is perfectly suited.

The most popular wood for harp making is maple, but the Ashdown’s slightly softer string tension enables us to use different solid woods, in particular ash and mahogany.

Because this harp requires a little less effort to play, it is also particularly suited to adult players coming to the harp later in life.

  • Folk gauge stringing
  • Frame made from Ash or Mahogany wood
  • All brass semitone levers
  • Soundboard of finest European Sitka Spruce
  • Hand-painted and carved decoration available
  • 5 year warranty
  • Strings: 34
  • Range: 1st A to 6th C
  • Height with Feet: 119cm, 47in
  • Height with legs: 145cm, 57in
  • Extreme Width: 70cm, 27.5in
  • Weight: 8.2kg, 18lbs

We have a collection of Pilgrim Harps available in store. However, most specifications and models must be made to order.

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