The Canterbury – Electro-Acoustic 47 String Harp


This harp features all the legendary attributes that you would expect from Pilgrims original harps but with the addition of a special new pick-up system. This system retains the full integrity of tone and evenness throughout the range. Convenient to use, it can provide anything from a little sound enhancement to full volume amplification.

Fluid lines unhindered by fussy details allow the Canterburys natural beauty to shine through. The greatest virtue however, is to be found within the harp’s rich and full sound. One of the most important elements in creating this world-class tone is, of course, the soundboard. The quality of materials and perfection of craftsmanship are vital. At Pilgrim Harps we source the very finest European Sitka spruce, and the quality of our soundboard veneer is second to none.


  • Strings: 47
  • Range: Top G – 7th C
  • Height: 184cm, 72in
  • Extreme Width: 99cm, 39in
  • Soundboard Width: 56cm, 22in
  • Weight: 40kg, 88lbs
  • Advanced extended soundboard
  • Also available with Straight Soundboard
  • Front-foot Castors
  • Padded & lined, soft outer covers
  • Custom decoration and finishes offered
  • Electro-Acoustic Edition
  • 5 year structural & mechanical guarantee

We have a collection of Pilgrim Harps available in store. However, most specifications and models must be made to order.

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